Architecture and steel

A lecturer with extensive experience in the implementation of projects and works in steel construction will make the introduction to this topic. Intended to disseminate examples of use of steel structures in emblematic works of modern architecture, emphasizing the need for intensive cooperation between designers of architecture and structures and the potential of steel as a chosen construction material. This is a theme you would expect to attract a significant participation of architects designers.


Steel and composite bridges

In addition to the most recent works and projects in steel and/or composite structure there will be a discussion on recent trends regarding the conception of bridges and construction processes.


Energy efficiency and sustainability of steel and composite structures

Sustainability is a key issue for the development of society in all its aspects. There will be a discussion on recent projects and works in steel structures, demonstrating the natural attractiveness of these structures to meet the goals of sustainable construction: be socially fair, economically viable and "environmentally friendly."


Industrialized solutions for the construction of buildings

This theme aims to highlight recent developments in the construction of buildings, with the implications that the quick industrialization is causing in the construction sector.


Major Projects

We expect a large participation of designers and architects in this theme, clearly showing  all the benefits of the use of steel structures in the conception of large projects, such as simplicity, slenderness, brightness, etc..


Structural safety and performance of new materials and products

The development of innovative products and techniques will be addressed


Execution and management of the quality of steel construction

The inclusion of this theme aims to highlight the benefits of the implementation of quality systems in order to avoid the problems and costs of non-quality. This theme currently has an increased importance as it will soon be compulsory to use new standards in this area.


The steel construction in the oil industry, mining and production of renewable energy

This theme aims to highlight the significant role of the steel construction in the essential sector of energy, with emphasis on renewable energy and off-shore steel construction (sub-sea and surface)